Solving banks’ mass market problem

Amp gives banks a way to cost-effectively serve mass market customers, by following a three step process:
Engage, Segment and Automate.
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Engage Bank Customers

Whether it’s the bank-branded, web based software or the iPad app, Amp’s 7 Principles of Engagement allows banks to quickly deliver personalized financial planning value to every customer in a way that’s visual and easy to use.

Amp’s innovative process dramatically increases the number of customers that banks can engage.

Segment Your Customer Base

Amp’s engaging process makes it easy to segment your customer base by gathering household profile data, such as financial goals, total assets, liabilities and investment approach.

Amp helps banks get dramatically more efficient in serving low-value customer segments, allowing you to invest more in your high-value customers.


Automate The Delivery of Advice

Amp puts in place a systematic sales process to engage and segment customers, which is easy for any bank employee to follow.

For bank customers, Amp’s engaging process automatically delivers both a bank-branded Starter Roadmap and online Dashboard. This content helps customers them reach their financial goals and does not require any involvement from bank employees.